CONDUIT in the iBookstore

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You want it on your iDevices? Go get it.


CONDUIT on your Nook!

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You can now buy CONDUIT for your Nook! Just 4.99!


CONDUIT at more electronic book stores!

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Available in the Kobo store. Follow the link!


CONDUIT is available now!

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The long wait is over! After much deliberating, tweaking and re-formatting, CONDUIT is prepared to take the stage and feed your eyes with its tale of a few people doing their best to cope with an impossible situation. I am a strong advocate of the e-reader for consumption of books. The process of getting CONDUIT […]


Doing it on my own. With your help.

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After a few years of on and off trying to get someone to publish CONDUIT, I have decided it’s foolish to sit around sending letters to other people (agents or editors) in hopes of catching them on a good day. Not only that, but after managing to capture their attention on this good day, spurring them […]


The Abduction

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We flash back to the summer of 2000. A college student is trying to learn to use Macromedia Director (to better help him in his work as a web developer, I think). This particular student is not all that good at following directions and mostly just takes the opportunity to indulge his taste for non-sequiturs. […]


The new idea

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The old website was cursed. How many times was it hacked? I lost count.


Goodbye Grandma Gerty

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To have known my Grandma Gerty was to have known grace and peace. Spending just a few minute with her would ease you mind, and calm your nerves. She always found a way to know and remember what exactly it was you were up to, even though it had been months since you’d last spoken.