Conduit by Matt Saari

Miranda Caton and Kelly Lansing don’t know each other and couldn’t live more different lives. They’ll be brought together as amnesia,alternate dimensions, shape-shifters, a possessed husband and a seemingly endless supply of ill-tempered pale dudes drag them into a fight to save all life on earth. MORE

Not from Matt…

Snowman by Dave Saari (Matt’s Dad!)

Matt Davidson, an underachieving golf bum and a somewhat nerdy engineer, inadvertently witnesses a shocking scene while playing golf, which launches him on an adventure that proves to be an emotional roller coaster ride. Though unsure what to do or how to do it, he drops everythingto help a stunningly beautiful woman he’s never even met. His clumsy efforts soon entangle him in a web of sex, fraud, and abuse that could end up costing him his life. This novel, set in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and along Minnesota’s Lake Superior North Shore, is a must for the golf fan while also offering amusing and exciting twists and turns for the mystery fan.