CONDUIT is available now!

02.21.12 | Comment?

The long wait is over! After much deliberating, tweaking and re-formatting, CONDUIT is prepared to take the stage and feed your eyes with its tale of a few people doing their best to cope with an impossible situation.

I am a strong advocate of the e-reader for consumption of books. The process of getting CONDUIT onto your e-ink screens is underway. The price for the eBook should never exceed $4.99 at any of these outlets. If you see it elsewhere for more, let me know.

If you’re the sort who appreciates a little DIY, then head over to Smashwords. There you can download just about any digital format you might desire / think of.

Perhaps, you have a Kindle and love all the syncing magic the Amazon Cloud offers you. Then you should hit the next link.

Maybe you feel strongly about Barnes & Noble, Sony’s eBookstore or the shiny iBookstore. In that case, you’ll need to watch this space or follow me on Twitter, where you’ll be updates when CONDUIT graces those digital shelves.

Last, but not least, we come to fans of the physical book. This can be found over at lulu.com for $12.99 + S&H. Price is higher than I’d like, but this is how it has to go for us, until we can start running big print jobs. Help make CONDUIT a success, and see the cost drop for your fellow readers. Altruism!