Miranda Caton and Kelly Lansing don’t know each other and couldn’t live more different lives. They’ll be brought together as amnesia, alternate dimensions, shape-shifters, a possessed husband and a seemingly endless supply of ill-tempered pale dudes drag them into a fight to save all life on earth.

Miranda has come to realize she is unable to remember any concrete details about her life. She follows an instinctive path to the one place she still can remember, a greasy spoon diner. As she tries to reminisce with the only friend she can remember, something terrible happens.

Kelly is a young married woman struggling with a detached husband and the allure of an affair. Her would-be paramour winds up having much different plans for her.

The two women are inexorably linked by chance, but it’s also this chance that catches the attention of a pair of private investigators who may prove invaluable in the struggle Miranda and Kelly didn’t know about yesterday, but today they’re neck deep in.

CONDUIT is my debut novel. It is available in ebook format at all the best online shops. Follow the link to get CONDUIT on your preferred e-reading contraption.

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