Neil Gaiman: Twitter role model.

09.13.12 | Comment?

You don’t have to unleash much Google-fu to read volumes of praise for the literary prowess of Neil Gaiman. It’d be a waste of everyone’s time to rehash all the accolades that his written words have received. Go here for a good list if you’re really curious, but do that later. Right now, let’s talk about something that probably gets overlooked, even by all his wonderful fans.

Neil Gaiman is on a short list of the best celebrity Twitter users.

If you are reading this, and don’t already follow him , you really ought to fix that right now. (Uh, how? I rarely enter anything on this blog. Oh, you must not use Twitter. And, are probably related to me.) Here’s why: the man routinely gives clinics on how to use the format in a respectful, entertaining way. He engages with his 1.76 million fans and gives them 140 characters of fun, wisdom, inside information and even notifications of important issues.

You never see him getting bogged down in spats, snark or senseless acrimony with individuals. Sure he speaks out against injustices and answers critiques, but always does so with the wit his readership has come to cherish. He undoubtedly receives hundreds of messages every minute, but still you know he’s actually sifting through them and replying himself when the replies come.

That is what makes what he did today so profoundly impressive. Brian G Wood, a self published author sent him a tweet, requesting access to Neil’s audience for the purpose of getting his novel, Dead Roots a bump. He did. Neil doesn’t just repeat things like that willy-nilly, so when he does it carries at least the weight that he read the description and thought, ‘cool’. I don’t know if it worked on anyone but me, but it made me take a look and the book does sound interesting. I haven’t read it as yet, but I will and will report back.

This is what Twitter should be about, people with an audience helping people without one. Be it spreading the word about injustice or giving a person a helping hand in the midst of a sea of people shouting, it’s always good to see someone doing something they really don’t have to. Hell, he even replied to me publicly once and didn’t tell me off for mentioning him repeatedly while making fun of my modest follower count. For that, I’ll say Mr. Gaiman, you do impress.

(Also: The Doctor’s Wife was pretty rad.)

(Double Also: It’s very cool that he lives in Minnesota, just like me.)