The new idea

02.07.10 | 1 Comment

Balloon to Nowhere

The old website was cursed. How many times was it hacked? I lost count. Rather than keep that fight up, I started a new one.  Things might take a while to get going, but hopefully not too long.  I aim to fashion a good place to have a laugh, talk about things and maybe buy a book or two.  I hope you’ll join me.

I chose not to reinstate everything. If you want to track the history of Matt on the web, here is a fun way to get in the wayback machine and look.



Those are some damned ugly webpages, bro! I still do like the Balloon to Nowhere. Guess it was more of a metaphor than I could have known. People used to ask who was in the balloon. Now we know: my career as a web designer, and not a boy from Colorado. I had that idea first.

Signed – Matt